Speech-Language and Feeding Therapy For the
Children of South Carolina

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Individualized Therapy

Our therapy sessions are tailored to your child’s individual needs and focus on a set of age-appropriate individualized goals. We combine a variety of methods and therapy techniques to meet your child's needs.

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Family Driven Therapy

Together with the parents, we create treatment plans and goals that will be the focus of therapy sessions.

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Free Speech Screenings

Contact us to get information on free speech screenings and let us help you determine if your child can benefit from therapy.


Just after our daughter turned two we reached out to Columbia Speaks to help us make sense of why she was not developing language like a typical toddler. We were concerned and frustrated, but Crystal and Jill quickly evaluated and explained all with sensitivity and care. We begantherapy immediately, and within what seemed to be a short period of time started seeing great results. Jill is the link to our daughter's success. Her dedicated support and progressive approach to therapy have given our child a voice. We can't say enough to describe how lucky we feel to have found Columbia Speaks and how blessed we are to have Jill as our speech therapist. Thank you! Maria and Anthony

Each week that Ms. Rhonda worked with Riley it was amazing to see the changes... He was so proud of himself in being able to achieve his new goals. The vocabulary Riley was able to come home and share with his family was just unbelievable... He knows the things he does because ofMs. Rhonda's work. The one thing that is most important to me ... is to sit back and watch my grandson be excited about wanting to learn...The work Ms. Rhonda does is not just a job. I see the love, the passion, the gift she gives to the kids she works with. You ROCK Ms. Rhonda. Thanks for being a part of our lives as well as Riley’s education. I can see this through Riley every time I look at his sweet face. Shannon and Riley

...[M]y daughter, Kaylin, has been seeing Mrs. Rhonda Riley as her speech therapist for the past year and a half. I have been very happy with the work Rhonda has done with my girl. I called her several times to talk to her about my concerns, ask questions and sometimes just to ease my mind. She always called back in a timely manner and always took the time to talk to me and explain in detail. I always felt that she genuinely cares for Kaylin and put a lot of thought into her work with her. Kaylin really liked working with Rhonda and spoke her name before most of her own family member's name. That says a lot... Ashley

... I was given a special little boy from the state of South Carolina, we will call him Baby J....When Baby J came home with me at the age of three months old I had started noticing that he would not smile, hold rattlers or even try to hold his bottle. Being a mother I knew that Baby J was behind on a lot... So I decided to have him tested... I was told about Columbia Speaks so I made the appointment and to my surprise they moved us right on up and started working with Baby J immediately. The therapist that came to our home was very professional. She took her time with him, she never ever pushed him, she played/worked with Baby J. Before long I would say in two weeks there was a major difference in him due to our worker. By the time he was six months old he was catching up and catching up fast thanks again to our therapist... Ashley Potter was our therapist. She was very kind ALWAYS so gentle with Baby J, without Columbia Speaks (Ashley) this would had been a very hard task for me. Not only did she work with the baby butshe taught me so much...We as a family would like to say thank you for all of your hard work ... and I highly recommend Columbia Speaks. Jackie