Columbia Speaks provides occupational therapy and speech-language and feeding therapy to the children of South Carolina. Our therapist conduct therapy in the natural environment including homes, daycares, and schools. Therapy sessions are also available in our clinic located on Main St. Lexington. Our goal is to make therapy convenient and comfortable for our clients and their families.


We strive to schedule evaluations within one to two weeks of receiving all necessary patient forms. After receiving a referral, our helpful and friendly office staff will guide you through the process of becoming a new patient with Columbia Speaks.

A complete comprehensive evaluation will be completed prior to beginning therapy. Standardized measures, informal observations and parent reports are used to assess skills and determine areas that we can work on. Together with the parents, we create treatment plans and goals that will be the focus of therapy sessions.

Individual Therapy

Our therapy sessions are tailored to your child’s individual needs and focus on a set of age-appropriate individualized goals. We combine a variety of methods and therapy techniques to meet your child’s needs. We believe in the importance of parental education and involvement, and the use of home practice to help children meet their goals and improve their skills.